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Ho Chi Minh City
Bích Loan Trần Phan

Bích Loan Trần Phan

Ho Chi Minh City, Hồ Chí Minh

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Về Bích Loan Trần Phan:

My name is Tran Phan Bich Loan. I live in Ho Chi Minh city and have just graduated from University of Transport and Communication the major in Civil Engineer. I’ve got 10 years experience as an Engineer, specially in Project Management field. I like reading books, play music. I’m a careful and hard-working person. I’m eager to learn new things and willing to work in team. I easily adapt to new working environment and take initiative in work.

Kinh nghiệm


06/2019 – now: Project Assistant in Office Construction Field

  • Assist directly to Director of Project Management Services Department, prepare the weekly report for sending to APCA area, calculate fees to submit on system and export red invoice to clients, check and receive red invoice from sub-contractors and arrange paying for them, connect stakeholders to ensure finance information.
  • Prepare the RFP for tendering, work closely with clients at the initiating stage to
    collect the requirement.
  • Prepare the documents concerns with win projects and open bidding to sub-contractor.
  • Comparison bidding package.
  • Support Project Manager in meetings, synthesize information and catch up points for every project.
  • Arrange meetings with clients or sub-contractor.
  • Compose and check contracts from client and sub-contractor.Success moving the projects as 
  • Unilever Vietnam – Head Office: Design and build package, 10,000sqm with high-end decoration, 2 years duration
  • Suntory Pepsico Vietnam – Head Office: Design and build package, 2500sqm with high-end decoration, 8 months duration
  • Covestro VN - Head Office: Design and build package, 320sqm with high-end decoration, 2 months duration
  • GoJek Vietnam – Head Office: Design and build package, 1,200sqm, 8 months duration
  • Ikea Vietnam – Head Office: Design and build package, 1,200sqm, 8 months duration
  • Mensa Industrial: Project and Construction Management package, 25,000sqm, ~3 years


11/2018 – 05/2019: Quantity Surveyor

  • Calculate quantity of materials.
  • Contact wit te suppliers to take the information about products and quotation.
  • Make material requisition and send to Procurement team to proceed buying.
  • Estimate cost for project.
  • Find and contact with the new suppliers.

05/2018 – 11/2018: Assistant to Project manager 

  • Attend the meetings and make the meeting minutes to send to departments in company as Architecture, Structure, MEP, Quantity surveyor, Procurement.
  • Make the project schedule and send to PM.
  • Do the Payment claim as requested from PM.
  • Save documents, files on server, issue drawings to site and deparments in company.


12/2017 – 04/2018: Sales Specialist and Purchasing staff

  • Receive material requisition from technical department and contact with overseas and domestic suppliers to buy materials for company.
  • Make the contracts with the terms to ensure receiving goods on time and exactly.
  • Coordinate between site and suppliers to choose right materials.
  • Sell titanium, take the clients to site, introduce products and take the sample.
  • Attent the meetings with the clients and suppliers.

06/2016 – 12/2017: Sales Specialist cum Assistant of Vice General Director of Sales

  • Search for products (titanium: flowchart, technology, test result, etc).
  • Find the price of products.
  • Take the samples of products from site and send them to Lab for testing.
  • Send samples to oversea to customers.
  • Search for information of new customers via telephone and internet and report to Vice General Director of Sales before the every meeting.
  • Arranging and scheduling for Vice General Director of Sales to meet the customers. 
  • Meet customers with Vice General Director of Sales and summary report to him the necessary information.

12/2013 - 06/2016:  Staff at Administration Department

  • Arranging and keeping document of all logical and scientific projects (mineral processing zones, sand, stone, titan mines, etc.) of the joint venture companies.
  • Help the General Director manage time and control work.
  • Check documents from state agencies and other departments before submitting to the General Director for approval.
  • Prepare to attend the meeting of the department at the request of the General Director.
  • Notify the direction of the General Director to the other departments.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.
  • Keep records of personnel, administrative records of the company.
  • Drafting decisions on probation, recruitment, transfer, promotion or termination of staffs.
  • Jobs related to stamp management, issuing decisions.
  • Receipt of material request from the site, classification and submission to the leadership for approval and transfer to the Material Buyer Department of Group.
  • Find information about materials, machinery and equipment specializing in mineral exploitation at the request of the General Director from which information is gathered and discussed with the Materials Division for processing.

Giáo dục

Graduation: Civil Engineer - Construction Project Management

  • Office: Microsoft office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Autocad, office equipments (Fax, Photocopy, Projector, Scan machine). Specially completed learning the PERP software (Business Management Information System).
  • English: Listening, speaking, reading and writing are fluently.

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