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anthony osamojie

anthony osamojie

Cửu Việt, Ha Nội

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Về anthony osamojie:

I was born, in 1971, i grew up with my parents. I like travelling and studying, i am in Vietnam presently. Teaching English and Business. I have gotten over 8yrs hardworking. I hope to be giving opportunity. I have my BSc degree and master's degree major in Business/public administration. I also got my TESOL master Certificate from the US. 




Kinh nghiệm

 I have gotten a great experience, sometimes it's difficult for me because of my skin color but not my experience. I am well Educated man with great experience in teaching only if am giving the opportunity to show/prove my skills and experiences. 

Giáo dục

i have got my University BSc, master's degree. And TESOL master. 

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